Friday, February 25, 2011


Friday is one of my favorite days. Certainly this must be because it is a non-teaching day, a day I can go to yoga class, grade papers, catch up on all the work and life I have had to put aside during the week, and perhaps even go to synagogue in the evening if I am not too exhausted from doing the rest of the things I put off all week. Today I have an appointment at the house, and will see the progress on the lighting fixtures, the shower door, etc. that will make it seem as if we are somewhat closer to moving in.
Meanwhile, the bed has arrived at the store, though we cannot have it delivered till the floor is done, some time in the middle of this coming week. Then, next weekend, I can get the furniture. This is what I have been looking forward to since the beginning!
I have no idea what I will find, and that is the fun part.
Today I will also go to Borders' closing. It is too bad the store is shutting down, though there are plenty more branches in the area, but I will reap what I can from this occasion. I have been wanting to buy Claire Dederer's yoga memoir, Poser, and if I find it congenial, perhaps will contact her publisher with a query about my yoga manuscript. But I hope that Nina feels well enough soon to finish the book's illustrations, so I have something genuine to show them.
More papers come in on Monday, and drafts on Tuesday.


marlyat2 said...

So there are the poems, and there are the ink drawings--very quick and Asian-like brushwork. Is there something else? I am thinking that what you have to say about yoga is very interesting and could be an essay...

Robbi said...

I probably need to write an essay that should be published with the poems. I started to do it, but dropped it. Lost the impulse that fired the poem. I should have written it closer to that time.
But perhaps I'll try again. Right now, in the midst of the house thing, I don't think I could muster the energy, and what I say about yoga would be familiar to anyone who does yoga seriously at all. It is not original.

Robbi said...

There are the Torah commentaries, but again, they aren't that great, for anyone familiar with the topic. Somewhat writerly, is all.