Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stuff is Catching Up To Me

There is so much to do before we move in, and so little time. And yesterday, I got a scolding letter (the first, actually) from Cal State telling me I must!! take a safety class up on the main campus before yesterday or the day before, in peril of my employment! And the campus is over an hour in each direction away because I don't drive freeways. And the drafts are due in this week. Then the final papers. And then the challenge, especially for some of those students over at CSU--the Foucault piece. And the furniture and utilities and washers and and and. How will I get all of this done? I have to keep my eye on the next thing and that thing only. A trick.


Robin said...

Just take it one step at a time. We have had so many harrowing time-challenging situations come up this past year, and somehow we meet every deadline (scolding letters and all). You will too. It is scary while you're facing it, but things tend to work out.

And you will get to the safety class. And, despite the scolding letter, the college is probably not eager about firing you over such a small issue--especially when this is your first warning.

We really loved seeing your new home yesterday! At least the challenges regarding the new home are happy ones. Think of the joyful end result!

Robbi said...

Thanks for coming and helping with the closets! I found out I didn't measure the sliding doors the way I needed to, but tomorrow, the handyman is meeting me at the house, and he says he can do the closets. Probably that will cost less than the stuff from the Container Store, or perhaps he will just install that. Each closet full of that stuff is at least $400., but it will be something I use all the time, for the lifetime of the house.
I may not do much to the big closet, just a new pole, or maybe two poles. I'll talk to the handyman about it.
I don't think I'm going to get to the safety class. I just don't have time, unless I skip yoga, and I think there is an entire series of classes. It isn't possible.

marlyat2 said...

One, one, one at the time. I'm having a similar sort of week (though less fun--no new house!)

Robbi said...

Some of the house stuff IS fun... the furniture, for example, but some is tedious.