Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baddakonasana--Bound Ankle Pose

These feet have never met.
All lifetime long, fated to tread
their single paths on yielding earth,
to press parched soles against
unsympathetic streets, they desire
only new routes, not dreaming
what they truly seek.
Yet meeting arch to arch, each
toe pressing its long-lost opposite,
these feet have met their match.
Bound in a forced embrace, they find
a blessing in this union, welded
in a prayer to all things lost,
to what was always there.

NOTE: "Yoga" is from a Sanskrit word that, roughly translated, is said to mean or at least to connote "union." It is probably the root of our word "yoked."


marly said...

Hmm, did you send a yoga poem to the "health" issue of qarrtsiluni? You might... by midnight!

Lou said...

The final two lines echo perfectly.

Robbi said...

I began the series for the health issue! "Headstand" was my first poem. Now I have 9.

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou! I like them.