Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Poem in the Yoga Series

Tell me what you think of this one.
Niralumba into karnapidasan on the wall-- Unsupported shoulder stand with a chair
to ear pressure pose at the wall

The earth hangs
suspended in space.
No guide wires, not even
the thinnest, suspend
this green-blue bauble
from the sky.
Likewise, the body,
propelled only by breath
to land head down
and backwards from the chair,
unfurls like a fiddlehead,
and then, a time lapse
in reverse, spirals shut,
a snail's shell, on the wall.


liz said...

Robbi, your first poem in this series really struck me because, along with your lovely naturalistic theme, it revealed to me the union of the perceiver and the percieved from the point of view of the eternal spirit within.

Robbi said...

I guess this one doesn't work too well. Back to the drawing board.