Monday, November 23, 2009

Niralumba Halasana--Unsupported Plough Pose

These blades cut deep,
carving out an underworld
composed of legs and torso,
a cave, where intestines'
pearly ropes fall free,
and the heart, suspended,
beats its regular tattoo
against the chest
till the vaulted rafters
shake. The lungs, two sails,
spread their manta wings,
and breath bears me
through the sweet darkness,
all the way to the end.


liz said...

beautiful sciencefictionlike journey..really like this one

Robbi said...

Thanks. I'm still working on the previous one.

Lou said...

Often when I read the poems in the yoga series, I am aware of how intimately you realize the pose and your body.

Robbi said...

Yes. One cannot do daily practice without becoming quite aware of the smallest details of the body. I am grateful for that. It helps me to keep myself well and fit, most of the time.