Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jeremy has some sort of illness

I am concerned about Jeremy. He is getting sick, which is probably not surprising because he hasn't slept much in the past few days: he worked till midnight Saturday and worked from early in the morning Sunday, then stayed out till 2. Yesterday he was sneezing and tired. His head felt heavy. I dosed him up with aspirin and vitamin C in the form of tangerines. He is coughing this morning. I just told him to stay home from school and hope it will help.
Here is another yoga poem:
Upavistha Konasana--Revolved Seated Angle Posture

At the zoo I saw a snake
whose two heads, to the
left and straight ahead,
each insisted that the rest
follow its lead, a strategy
that failed.
In this pose,
my legs each stretch
a different way, parsing
space like calipers,
and yet the spine's
intelligence holds them in check
as I bow forward,
honoring each leg in turn.


marly said...

Robinka, I hope Jeremy is well soon--we've already had one sweep of swine flu in town this year and are expecting another, as it's in the next town over... But one worries about these young people who have never met a similar virus. Hope it's not that one!

"Parsing": interesting choice. I'll come back and read the others soon. Still not over jet lag but finally slept a total of five hours last night (not in a row, but still) and feel better. I hadn't hit more than three before...

Robbi said...

Arrgh. That jet lag! When I came home from work 5 minutes ago, the tv was on and Jeremy was not here. I called him on his cell phone and found he was hanging out with his his friend who has the same illness. At least they won't make anyone else ill, unless his friend goes to work at the grocery store where they both work. There is no swine flu vaccine available, at least not to people of Jeremy's or my ilk.