Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Supta Virasana--Reclining Hero Pose

On the road to the studio, the hills
undulate under the clouds like fish
in the shallows, soft morning light
singing on their silver scales.
I want to lie down in that light
and become a hill, but my mind
won't let me. Let me try again
to still the muscles' long
sigh as legs enfold the hips,
tucked under like hospital corners,
the thighs pulled taut as a harp string,
the ribs pried open as I
lie back on the folded blankets
exposing my heart to the world.


liz said...

ooh so nice Robbi. I want to breathe it all in.

Robbi said...

Hey Liz. I'm glad you liked it! I recorded the headstand poem this morning. The guy from Qarrtsiluni called me. I guess it will appear in a few weeks, and I'll let everyone know by sending a link.

Lou said...

The poems folds and unfolds in keeping with your movement into the position--love that.

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou.