Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have been away a couple of days because my computer finally conked out and is in the shop. It will return to me a tabula rasa, so that I must put back all my software, and buy quite a bit of new stuff, such as Office. It's painful and horribly inconvenient. But the worst part was feeling as though I had lost an arm or something. I kept going to the computer table, but alas, no computer, no way to contact you folks or my students and tell you what was going on. I suppose I am much more dependent on the Internet than I knew. Perhaps one could even call it an addiction.
While the computer is gone I read a Ruth Rendell mystery, Monster in a Box, and am beginning another book a friend gave me for my birthday, Brother to Dragons Companion to Owls, a fantasy that is one of her favorites.


Lou said...

Well there you go, evidence that without the computer, we feel lost. I am glad you had some reading to occupy that bright brain of yours.

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou. I certainly feel bereft.