Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I already made a reservation for us and my parents at Lucille's BBQ, but my son complained when he heard about it. He likes to eat good food, but dislikes going to restaurants to get it. "Can't you fix a chicken or two here?" he asks, his voice on the point of breaking into a whine. "I don't know whether I have to work, but if I don't, I'd much rather have you fix something, or even buy it ready made at the market."
I like to cook, but R has requested repeatedly that I not shift into my usual frantic, one-track mode of feast days, when I cook and fill the fridge for days at a time to over-flowing, something that in his OCD heart of hearts, he hates. And when my parents are around, I am already stretched to my limit, so I appreciate for once how he feels about this.
This morning I spoke to R about Jeremy's request, and he agreed that if I promised not to cook for hours and hours and got the place where I buy the turkey to carve it, we could eat here. It costs a lot less, which I appreciate, especially after I found out that I accidentally cleaned out R's bank account (causing late fees) paying my parents' medical bill. The account numbers are almost identical. I cleaned my own self out paying that back, and took only half from my parents for the moment (I'll get the rest after the checks arrive).
So I did some research and found we can eat almost the same meal as take-out from Johnny Reb's if I pick it up next Weds. I'll leave plenty of space in the fridge for left overs. Perhaps I'll fix a nice side dish (it doesn't come with a vegetable). I could also fix an extra dessert. It comes with everything else.


Lou said...

Last year when my kitchen was torn up and we had to have Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, I learned that all that really matters is that we were together. May your turkey be moist.

Robbi said...

Thanks. That's a lovely blessing, that should be embroidered on a pillow.

Rebel Girl said...

I just tried out a new side for this year - carmelized corn with mint - it was in the NY Times last week. You can google it. The guys loved it - and it was EASY.

Robbi said...

I get the Sunday NY Times. Was it in the magazine? I saw a carmelized popcorn recipe, but I don't remember mint in it!