Monday, November 30, 2009

Viparita Dandasana on a Chair--Inverted Staff Pose

In this pose, I am a child again,
arcing backwards from the old
brown couch. The ordinary room,
with its worn black rug, scattered
with pink roses like none that grew
out in the yard, became a reef,
crowned with the tiny
pulsing mouths of coral,
their home a crypt and
nursery,built on the others' bones.
The t.v.'s featureless face
gave back my own face, turned
alien and odd, and I, a curious
dolphin, weightless and free.


robbi said...

I like it... Still think this a neat series. The hard part os such a set task is to push outward and make each "big" enough. But that may happen almost automatically when the little corals of the individual poems make a reef.

Lou said...

Ah! A wonderfully surprising perspective.

Robbi said...

Who are you mystery Robbi? Marly?
I am trying to make that reef happen. With the last two of the poems, I'm trying to go beyond the individual pose.

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou!

marly said...

Yes, that was me--Marly thinking about Robbi. Doofusness. I did leave a note but it must have been swallowed by the blogspot monster.

Robin said...

A really nice one--love the ocean imagery, the feeling of being swept up in the piece. It certainly captures the moment of the pose, and transcends it!

Robbi said...

It's okay Marly. I know about the monster. Sometimes people's feelings get hurt when their comments simply disappear, through no fault of my own.
And thanks Robin! I wondered whether it was too far from the pose, but I don't think so now.

liz said...

yes, so much imagery, I love it. A common living room becomes a populated underseas world?
yoga as poetry in motion and transformation indeed.

Robbi said...

Thanks Liz! It's good to hear from you.