Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-T-Day Countdown

I am about to leave for Orange, where I will pick up my smoked Thanksgiving Turkey with giblet gravy and mushroom sage dressing, along with the key lime pie I picked as a dessert. I want to time it just right, so when I get home, R will be here to remove the food from the car and take it to the fridge, where I hope it will fit. I have thrown out as much as I can to make room for it.
Despite the fact that R asked me to buy a precooked turkey so I would not have to cook, I am actually making quite a few sides for tomorrow. It doesn't come with mashed potatoes, so I have to make those. My dad asked for cornbread, so I am making that (from a box). And, being southern, it doesn't come with veggies, so I am roasting butternut squash, asparagus, portabello mushrooms, and yellow bell peppers with rosemary, oregano, olive oil, and garlic... maybe a little balsamic too. And of course, there's the diabetic dessert for dad, a cranberry apple crisp, made with diabetic brown sugar and sweetener. I found a recipe online. And sugarless vanilla ice cream on top.
I polished my mom's old silver today. It is actually pretty beat up. I should not have insisted on taking it from the house. It doesn't seem too appetizing, even now that I've polished it up, because of the plastic handles on the knives (I guess it's plastic... it hasn't aged too well, anyhow).
But I took it, and I cleaned it, so people can use it if they wish. Of course, I didn't keep the china, taking pity on my uncle when he asked me not to make him send it out here. Too expensive, he said. Not worth it. So people will have to eat from my everyday stoneware. I am not buying china, or paper plates either.
I guess then that I'll be pretty busy tomorrow, along with most of the rest of female kind in the U.S. ... .

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