Thursday, February 18, 2010

The cat tree redux

As I was watching a Robin Williams special, the usual manic frenzy of Williams spouting non-stop hilarity and obscenity, Shadow climbed up to my shoulder and took a leap to the penultimate perch on the cat tree, flattening her ears to her head and leaping madly about, in her own sort of playful frenzy. Whistler watched with interest, but did not attempt to get up on the tree, evidently feeling he was too portly to make it up there.
Jeremy dropped by to give back the garage key, and he suggested that I put food up there for Whistler. I did it, but Whistler, while he clearly wanted to eat the food, didn't jump up there, so I put him up there, and he sat there eating. When he finished, he looked around and then jumped down. He hasn't yet tried to get up there, but I figure if I associate the thing with something he likes (food), he will eventually go up there on his own.


Lou said...

I love that photo you have up of all the cats in the branches of a real tree.

Robbi said...

Yes, it's cute. It reminds me of my days in P-town, when all those cats everywhere were up on fences yowling.