Friday, February 26, 2010


There are plenty of bizarre people out there. When I was driving my mom to the doctor, I stayed behind a pickup with an alarming bumper sticker for almost the whole ride down Chapman Ave. . Apparently, this was a snuff rock fan. His bumper sticker read, "Dead girls don't say no." Needless to say, I wished he would just go away.
When I returned home and checked my answering machine, there were three recorded calls from the Irvine police, advising me that there was a dangerous armed man loose in my neighborhood, and I should lock my doors and windows and simply stay inside. I was wandering around oblivious to all this when I dropped off at home to feed the cats about 5. Luckily, the fellow was nowhere near by, and we went about our business safely. The open door would have been quite an invitation to intrude if that guy had been anywhere near by.


Lou said...

I was oblivious to the robber, too. I've since heard that he'd committed a robbery at Kohl's.

Spring in California is a series of faux springs, then the real one, which lasts about a day.

Robbi said...

That's the problem with living so close to a department store, I guess!
I love your comment about spring in SoCal. It's true.