Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today, after a couple of days away from Jeremy, I had to drive him to and from class and home, after stopping at Ralphs to pick up his friend and drop them both off at Jeremy's apartment, along with the supplies I had picked up for him at Target. I got him some silverware, glassware, towels and washcloths, dish towels, and potholders on this trip, along with an alarm clock it turned out he didn't need because his phone functions as an alarm clock. I didn't know you could set the phone to operate that way! Pretty cool.
Anyhow, all of this time together put my feeling of mourning into perspective. The whole time I spent in the car with him, Jeremy did his usual "driving lesson" on what I was not doing properly when I drove, which makes me crazy. I didn't comment on or complain about it, but it made me feel that perhaps it was, after all, a good thing that he will be getting his license back next week, and then will not need me to drive him around anymore.
In short, I love my son, but it is time to call a halt to that sort of stuff.