Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here We Go Again!

I just showed Frankenstein. Though many of my students said they were going to come and wanted the extra credit I promised, only one student and her friend showed up. They really enjoyed the film and asked me questions about the book and its resemblance (or lack thereof) to the film. Since I have taught the book Frankenstein (the first version) a number of times, I was able to say something about that. And the girls said they wanted to come back for future films. But I despair of attracting anyone else or getting the rest of the students in the class to show up.
I joined Netflix so I could be sure to have the films, and it seems that has been for nothing. I will try hanging up signs in a few places, and perhaps we'll attract some more people for next week's film, Prizzi's Honor.


Lou said...

Well, darn, I guess you can say that you had one more guest than you did last time.

marly said...

Busy world... It's hard to get people to add more. Although you'd think movies would draw!

Robbi said...

You'd think! As for attracting one more guest, that's what R says.