Monday, February 15, 2010

Now What Do I DO?

The cat tree I ordered came. When R and I took a long walk this beautiful afternoon, after I had been to yoga and shopping for everyone else but myself (it was still fun), we returned and found an enormous box blocking the doorway. I couldn't lift it, but turned it end on end till I got it to the now-empty room, where it will go. When I opened the box, there were the pieces, and I realized that I am awful at putting things together and have NO CLUE how to do it, though I am sure it is very simple. I will have to wait till R deigns to assist me, or ask Jeremy to come over and help. That's the likelier scenario, as he loves the cats, and R doesn't.


Lou said...

You live with an UNhelpful bunch of people.

Robbi said...

I tried to continue putting together the tree, and when R saw how much I had attempted to do, he got sucked in and began to undo it and put it right. He says he will continue doing it because it is much more complex than he imagined. We are working on it together.