Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Little Help From Friends

Yesterday I was griping to all of you and to Richard too. When he came home from work, I was just about to leave for Torah. I dumped my uncertainty about mom and my desire to be free on him, and he offered to retire from his job and take care of my parents full time. I know he wants to retire, but not to do that... to go on golf trips and, he has said, to work in the Superior Court as part of the permanent jury pool. He has been on a number of juries and really enjoys it, if that is the right word. He finds it stimulating. But looking after my parents is not part of his plan, or has not been up to now.
I felt so lightened by that offer though, and the idea that he is there if I ever need to ask him for help, and indeed, he has taken off of work to take one of my parents to the doctor before and to help me out.
Now that Jeremy is on his own and has his license back, as of yesterday, Richard feels freer to help me, and he will do so I think whenever I need him to. As if to provide proof of that, he had the cat tree up when I returned from Torah. The cats haven't been near it. Or I should say, they've been near it, but haven't climbed it.
I think they are afraid of it. I am not sure it will hold Whistler up near the top. It shook a little, even with Shadow's puny 7 pound weight.


Lou said...

I don't know, Robbi. Quitting a job to take care of very elderly people who are not going to live much longer sounds a little like goose and golden egg thinking.

Robbi said...

He really wants to leave his job, but I told him to wait another few years, when he will get full retirement.