Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, Another Week

Today's class was, again, sparcely populated. This class has not waited to dwindle. It has begun almost right away. I have been off to a slow start this semester, trying, as usual, to pack everything the students will need into the classes before the draft is due. So I have taught classes on argument, definition, analysis (using passages from the story to illustrate and assignments on this to prepare them to write the paper), summary, and secondary materials, a task I will continue through next Monday.
Only next Weds. will the thesis and plan be due.
Next time I teach this class, I will be quicker to the punch and have a draft due before census. The papers will likely be worse than these will, but one must be practical, even in such a long semester. I expect the students will show up again when the draft is due, and won't have clue how to write it. But they'll find that out only belatedly. Might as well have had the draft come in earlier since that is the case.

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