Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Good Day

When I got to my parents' house this afternoon after yoga, the caregiver told me that my dad had asked impatiently where I was. I guess his memory is worsening because I talked to him about 7:30 this morning and told him I'd be there about 12:15-12:30, after yoga, and would take him to the 99 Market for fish.
Regardless of his impatience and poor memory, he was feeling very good today. His voice was strong, and he had a big smile for everyone, anxious to get out into the beautiful weather.
Though he had a bit of difficulty walking across the shopping center where 99 is, since there was no spot closer, handicapped or otherwise, once he got in there, he had a wonderful time. His eyes opened wider and wider, like a 6 year old's, responding to the bustle of the busy market, the sensory stimulation of the various smells, sounds, colors, and unusual items. From the tangle of huge catfish congregating in one corner of a tank to the gigantic unidentifiable vegetables and roots in the produce department, he was delighted. We didn't buy that much--a steamer for me, the fish, some fruit and vegetables, but it was really fun for him. I don't know how mom felt about it.
On the way home, we stopped at the Kosher Bite deli and I got the fixings for deli sandwiches and knishes, which we would eat when Richard came over to watch the Super Bowl with my dad. I stayed and ate and ate, but I hate football, so I left Richard there. Since he came in his own car, it didn't matter. He'll be home later, back to our house, which feels so empty because Jeremy moved out today.


Lou said...

Aw, I am glad that on the day that Jeremy left, you had yoga and a good time with your dad.

marly said...

Hey, that was cheerful until the little twist at the end! Glad your dad had so much revived interest in bustle and hustle and heaped-up life.

Great that he watched the game with Richard, too. I don't like football particularly--except when my son plays--but I am loyal to my childhood years in Louisiana. Rah, Saints!

Robbi said...

Me too, Lou.
Yes Marly, though I expected Jeremy to leave today, it was still pretty tough to have it actually happen.
I had forgotten you lived in Louisiana as a child! I'd love to visit there, even now.