Thursday, February 25, 2010

Purim Again

Happy Spring! It may seem a bit premature to say that, but when Purim comes around, as it will tomorrow, spring and Passover cannot be far off. I only learned about the tradition of giving out sweets and treats (mishloach manot, in Hebrew) on Purim a half dozen years ago, and I've seldom pulled it together to actually do it. But this holiday is the source of our Halloween, so it is customary to dress up and make merry, telling the tale of Queen Esther, one of the tradition's heroic women, who saved the Jewish people with her wiles and her wiggles.
Though I almost forgot it was Purim, I have already done some baking this week, having baked some cherry oatmeal cookies for my class. They were tasty and a good alternative to popcorn to accompany the film I showed in class. Now I'll have to buy some more butter and other goodies to make some nice hamentaschen. There's a recipe I've been wanting to try out and Torah class on Tuesday to take it to! What could be nicer on this weekend, during which I have no film series to worry about?


marly said...


Talk about premature--we're in our second day of (evidently) three days of snow. Supposed to hit two feet. Who knows!

Robbi said...

Sorry Marly!