Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Bid

Today I skipped yoga class to go to the place north of here with R and the realtor. It is a large place, almost 1700 sq ft and 4 bedrooms, and on the older side, but it is in a bustling neighborhood, full of shopping and ethnic restaurants. Our doctors' office is there, as is the garage where I have been taking the car. It is perhaps a few minutes further from work for each of us, but it seems much more comfortable to me, for some reason, although there is no doubt that the other community is nicer looking and the little 1200 sq ft place much more charming and full of light.
In return, this one has a large kitchen, while the other kitchen is small, with almost no counter space. It has a linen closet, while the other did not, and two pantries, along with other storage space. There is a downstairs bedroom and three bedrooms upstairs, one of which I will turn into an office, another a yoga studio, after we take out the carpet and put in wood flooring. That seems to be fairly inexpensive and easy to do now that wood comes in tile form that you can just get someone to lay for you and can order online or go to a store and easily find. There is even an orange tree bearing full sized oranges right outside the kitchen window.
As soon as Richard said he really wanted this place, I suddenly felt a weight lifted from me. I think I will sleep better tonight. But we still have to put in a bid. Since this is a foreclosure, the bank is selling us the house. The price is theirs, hence already approved. It will be much quicker than a short sale would have been, and less likely to go south.


Anonymous said...

This sounds really promising...hope it works out.

the other L

Robbi said...

Thanks L. Me too.