Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Appointment with the Zoo

On Friday we will go down to the San Diego Zoo! I am so looking forward to visiting with my friends there, all the animals, and to walking on the paths of beautiful trees and vines. It always calms and inspires me. A good way to start the year and to end it also.
Meanwhile, I have been deep into the process of redoing my syllabus, and doing a slightly different version for Cal State. We'll see whether that presents problems. Two of my texts for that class are different, and my assignments will differ slightly also. I haven't actually put that syllabus together.
The faculty for that class do not meet. I don't know anything about CSUF, having taught only at Long Beach, and that perhaps 25 years or more ago. But I wrote to the course director and asked him for guidance, and he agreed to meet with me on the new campus shortly before classes start. I hope that will be sufficient. For someone with anxiety, doing things that spontaneously is not preferable. I want to know where to refer people, what is what, what rules I want to avoid breaking, and what to write in my information sheet for students.


Lou said...

Hope you have a great time at the zoo!

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou!