Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life Changes

I recall that when Jeremy was born, I had three whole days in the hospital because of his various anomalies, which all turned out okay... that is to say, he became his own, own unusual self, and that was fine. But the doctor poked his head in the door just after I had given birth and said, "Now starts the difficult part." We had tried really hard, for years and years to have a child, going through difficult fertility treatments, injections, etc. But that was all nothing, as the doctor said, compared to what lay ahead.
I wonder whether that is not also the case with a house. Now we have to worry about maintaining it, looking out for mundane but essential things like the water heater and the wiring and the taxes that we never had to trouble ourselves about before. Suddenly, with the weight of owning something large upon me, I believe I will become a conscientious householder at last, rather than the careless if not feckless slob I have been all my life. Yeah, right!

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marly said...

Well, as somebody who just had an upstairs radiator explode and dump a waterfall into the guest room, I'd say it is still worth the trouble. And probably your mortgage company will pay a lot of the bills for you (they'll be rolled into your overall monthly bill.) I just have automatic withdrawal and never think about it much.