Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not an Easy Day

This day has begun with difficulties. It is still raining, and normally, I would enjoy that because I have nothing much I need to do except go and turn in the Incomplete Form because I forgot to yesterday and maybe some last minute shopping.
But when I turned on the computer this morning, I found the Internet connection not working. After an hour of talking to machines, I finally got a live technician who walked me through repairing the router and modem, and now here I am! I am sure that if I were not confused about which was the router and which the modem (my instincts turned out correct, though), it would have been fixed earlier.
I have not been back to the place where my parents lived since the day my mother passed away. I have not seen Susie, my parents' caretaker, and have not gone over there. Theoretically, I hoped to keep in contact with her and to go back a drop off a gift for the caretakers, but I have not been able to muster the energy or the time or something to carry this out or even to buy such a gift, like a big basket of goodies. I have wanted to avoid the place and the people, though this is not fair to them.
If I could bring myself to do this, I think I would feel I had completed something that is hanging now in the air. Perhaps today I can make myself put such a basket together and take it over there.


marly said...

Hmm. Maybe you just need a little more time... Send them a card in the meantime, maybe, and say that you will come out, eventually?

Robbi said...

I put together a basket and will buy Susie a gift certificate. Tomorrow, when I am going to yoga, I plan to drop over there for a few minutes, give them a hug, and say Merry Christmas. They are very kind, good people.