Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ups and Downs

I am sorry to everyone that I made crazy yesterday, including the realtor and the loan guy and all my friends. Seeing figures like that on the page is very scary. I guess everyone who buys a house goes through this, and when one has a severe case of anxiety, as I do, it is probably worse, especially since we hoped we could buy all new furniture and throw out the crap we have. It isn't looking likely now, except for the hopeless bed and the couch.
We will have to buy things a bit at a time, other than that. And we have to have the floor upstairs replaced (that is, replacing the carpet with flooring I can easily clean) because of the cat, with her stomach problem.


my said...

Things will look nicer in the new setting!

Robbi said...

Maybe. Mostly, the place is going to look pretty empty because it has so many rooms and we have so little usable furniture.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I would buy anything new with ill cats. Also, thank you for the gift. I have not opened it, it is under my tree. Congradualtions!


Robbi said...

You're welcome, Beth. If only I could find a vet who could help her, that would be nice.