Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The house inspector came and spent almost 3 hours going through the house extremely carefully, turning on all the appliances (except the air-conditioning, which IS there, but wasn't listed, so that's odd) and checking things multiple times, taking notes and pictures. We went through with him, asking questions, and he explained the leaky roof, visible in the crawl space under the rafters and in the furnace, the places where work was not done correctly or up to spec, the termites in the front bedroom's window, something the termite report did not catch, though it was quite obvious from the frass on the sill.
None of the things he found were our responsibility; they were all things that should have been covered by the HOA or by the seller, but because this is a foreclosure, the seller may refuse to fix some of it. We will have to decide what to do about that.
I was happy to see the sun come out for a little while, but now it seems to be clouding up again. My trip to yoga class this evening may not be advisble again.


marly said...

Did he clarify how much it would take to cover the work, too--I mean, when you were chatting with him.

Robbi said...

No Marly. But he said the big stuff was not our responsibility, and we shouldn't have to pay for it.
I am going to post about the report he sent me in a few minutes.