Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vagaries of the Blogosphere

Sometimes the Internet hiccups, and people's comments get left out. Apologies to Other L and Beth, whose comments on the house were omitted accidentally. L, as I said earlier, the house is in Tustin. Today, most probably, we will go sign papers. My lawyer friend, Ilene, from Hollins, recommended that we bring in a lawyer to look these over, but my friend Liz, experienced in house buying in CA, says no need. Our realtor fiercely protects the interests of his clients, it is clear to us from the time we have spent with him, and he hates, hates, hates big banks, the owners of this place. So we feel fairly secure, though we will take our time with the papers.
That will probably mean I've got to skip Torah group this evening, but this is very important.
Then will start the exciting process of furnishing this house, preparing it for our habitation, after we have it inspected. Bob, one of my yoga teachers, recommended we have plumbers, electricians, entomology, and roofing come in separately and inspect, but the realtor swears up and down that if we hire an inspector from the professional organization, CRREA (sp?), we will be in good hands.
Then we'll go get a washer and dryer, possibly a new fridge, bed, and look into taking out the upstairs carpet and having it replaced with wood-grained laminate. I wish we could leave it there, but with the cat and her stomach problems, we are better off with an easy to clean surface up there. Downstairs we already have tile.

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