Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh the heck with it! Houses.

We tried to look at houses at night, with a balky GPS not doing a bit of good to help us find them. The one at Woodbridge, actually a bit too small, in my estimation, was apparently already in escrow; a combo lock kept us from going in.
The others were all in Lake Forest. The first was 1700 sq ft, and pretty reasonable, but there was a lot of work to be done on it, despite a two car garage, huge patio, breakfast bar, and big big walk in closet. The second was bank-owned, cheaper, almost as big, 4 bedroom,in the same complex, but had a leak in the garage somewhere and was right out on El Toro--loud. Kind of shabby.
Even before I saw it, I had high hopes for the third one, which despite its comparatively smaller (1200 sq ft) size, was full of light, despite the fact that there was no electricity, had a downstairs bedroom and tile floors, and had a huge pantry room where even I could spread out. It was cheap too, and had low taxes, and was in a lovely complex, not far from Trabuco, so travel would be fast. Richard thought it had great promise, as did I. So far, I think we will take it.
But we plan to look at at least one more place, in Tustin, near Crab Cooker, near 17th.

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