Thursday, December 23, 2010

House, Again

Today the report the house inspector wrote came by email, and it was a doozy. Looking at those awful pictures of what is inside that crawl space/attic, I was absolutely appalled at the tangle of duct tape and soggy junk. There is no ladder and no light up there, and it is not high enough of a ceiling to stand up, so probably, no one has been up there since the place was built. In this respect and in others, it is very badly designed.
The full effect of the report is to make us see how blind we have been, even though we looked at the place several times. I don't think the HOA will do anything about this stuff. Clearly, all the houses had the same pools of water on their roofs, and probably they all have termites and have to watch out for them themselves, despite the high HOA fees. The plants growing through the garage walls (easily pulled off the wall, it is true, but disturbing nonetheless), the work not done up to spec (even for the time the place was built) all make us feel this is something we do not want to get into.
It is too bad we cannot afford another $50,000. for the house; if we could, we could have a much nicer, newer place, with fewer major repair headaches, or perhaps none at all. I would have to win the lottery for that, though.


Anonymous said...

You should consider Lake Forest area.


Robbi said...

We will.