Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The #&@^#(! Bank

Today I am thinking about the things Lou used to write about dealings with her parents' bank, when she was trying to sell their house after they died, how the banks (one of them, anyhow) made things difficult for her, threw bureaucratic obstacles in her way when she didn't need that at all.
I was experiencing just this with the B of A today. Needing some money for my parents' expenses, I sold some of their stock, the last of the halfway valuable stock they had. I had the check since about the day before Christmas, and when I took it over to the bank yesterday, I realized too late that I had forgotten to get it signed by my parents. The banker told me to come back today. He said I could bring one of my parents with, and even without a signature, they would put the check in the account. But when I went to get them to sign it, I found out my mother doesn't know how to write her name anymore. She tried, but just ended up making a huge mess on the back of the check. So I took dad to the bank, and thought that would be good enough. But it turns out that because the check was made out jointly to him and her, and they can't have a joint account because the state of CA refused to issue an ID card to my mom, and she doesn't have any other recent ID, never having driven in any state and being born in another country, the check has to be torn up and reissued, either as two equal checks, one to him and one to her, or with an "or" between their names instead of "and." I am not sure that is possible, but I will call tomorrow morning early, before we leave for the SD Zoo, to find out. I tried calling today, but I was too late, and the office was closed.
Any ideas where we should go eat in San Diego, somewhere on the way back from the zoo? We like funky ethnic places with good food, especially Asian, but R likes Mexican too.


Anonymous said...

B of A stands for, Big Ass holes.


Lou said...

Oh boy. Once my parents had died and I became the successor trustee, the banks couldn't do enough to help me. It was while they were alive, in just the sort of situation you describe, that they seemed bent on making things as difficult as possible. Can you spell forge?

Robbi said...

Apparently, Beth.
Well I know they realize I'm not forging things because I have put big checks in their account before. These are the same people who have been dealing with me for 5 years. I wonder if I tried going to the Credit Union and transferring their money there we would have any better luck.