Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Uttanasana--Standing Forward Bend

Diving down and down
toward the distant floor,
I approach the knees'
locked gates, peering
into the darkened space
between, almost at my
destination. Grasping
the heels, the ropy
tendons, I belly forward.
Chest presses thighs,
buttocks rising and rising.
I am an explorer,
entering the ancient city,
descending into another world.


lou said...

This one is playful!

Robbi said...

Yes it is. When you put buttocks into a poem, it has to be playful!

Robin said...

I love your descent into the ancient city, and how you maintained this imagery throughout the poem. The last three lines were great!!

Robbi said...

Thanks Robin. I won't be able to write any more till I'm finished these papers, probably, but I have only 6 more to go! It would be nice to deliver them in time for Mr. Iyengar's birthday, in a week or so, but I don't think so.