Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It seems that the Medical Center WILL accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield as a secondary for medicare patients after all! Thank goodness... or at least that is the present state of information I have.


Robin said...

I am so glad! Having insurance coverage complications with 93-year-old parents simply isn't acceptable or realistic. As you noted earlier, who would give them a new policy, at their age!

Again, so glad this one worked out. I do believe ultimately that you are blessed, and you will find solutions to this minefield of problems you keep facing when dealing with your parents and their health/money issues.

Robbi said...

I certainly hope you are right, Robin. I just got a call from the caregiver saying my father complained to the nurse today that he is feeling very tired and his left side (the one opposite from the one affected by the stroke 5 years ago) is bothering him. I hope we are not in for some difficult times.