Monday, December 21, 2009

Concert with Liz

Last night Liz and I went out to dinner at the Mongolian bbq (we didn't make our sauce spicy enough, but no one to blame it on but ourselves!) and then to a concert at Laguna Hills HS, of all places. Liz was anxious to introduce me to the music of David Arkenstone, who I had never heard before. Arkenstone is a delightful gnome with long tangled blonde hair and red sneakers who composes and plays tinkly instrumentals that merge jazz, traditional, and new age. He radiates warmth and a quiet energy. The people who played with him, as he switched back and forth from keyboard to various kinds and shapes of guitar, were a wonderful pianist/accordianist, an amazing woman on flute, pennywhistle, and various kinds of things resembling flute, including one with what looked like the sort of pipe one finds underneath the sink attached to it, two wonderful violinists, and a bass guitarist whose instrument had a personality all its own.
In that tiny space, it felt as if we were having a private concert all to ourselves, and I really was impressed and pleased. All the same, I giggled a bit at Liz's son's comment, which she related to me when describing Arkenstone's music. He said that the guy plays "pirate music," and I could definitely hear it.

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