Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day of Dad and Yoga

This morning I went to yoga class, where I had a bracing encounter with a folding chair... those standing poses can be brutal! Then, I went to pick up my dad's medication and took him and mom to Big Lots and Trader Joe's for our weekly shopping trip. By that time, the medication I brought dad had kicked in, turning his urine a shocking pumpkin-color. Good thing the doctor warned us about that! It would have scared us all silly.
Dad was feeling a bit better, but mom was having a hard time walking, complaining about her hip. If she walked more, it would improve, but I know the process might be painful. I might teach her a few stretches, bringing in her own torture chair for the process. However, I should talk to my teachers first, to be sure what I do is safe and appropriate.


Lou said...

I hope Sunday brings a little time to yourself.

Robbi said...

Tomorrow I will see a student in the morning, shop at the market, and go to a benefit yoga workshop, for a yoga friend in need of a little assistance.
Thanks though. It's sure to be a good day.