Sunday, December 6, 2009

Viparita Karani in Sarvangasana on a Chair--Chair shoulder stand with lifted legs

Force arises from surprising places.
The seed knows its strength--
an insistent shoot will crack
the brittle shell, find a way
out of the hard-packed earth.
And the rain, in pinprick
drops, breaks off bits
from the towering nimbus,
wearing down mountains
and turning rocks to sand.
It is not muscle that raises
my legs from the chair,
but a gathering force,
like flame from a struck match.


Lou said...

Oh my gosh, that pose looks so precarious, which is why I really like the words, "an insistent shoot will crack the brittle shell."

Robbi said...

I guess it looks that way at first. I have been doing it so long, it is actually easy, until we start talking about leaving the legs up there for a long while; then it's tough. The tough thing about most of these poses is not the poses themselves but holding them!