Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

I plan to go shopping today for a birthday present for my mother in law. I know I'm nuts, but I think I can get a very nice thing for less than it would usually cost, so I'll take a chance of crazy traffic, etc. I probably should have gone out earlier, but I've been cleaning, and it's best not to let that mood pass without taking advantage of it.
I have to do unpleasant things today, looking at a new place to live for my parents. The place where they live now has begged them not to go and threatened the former care giver if she "steals" us that she will be sued. Since I hate dishonesty and underhanded dealings of any kind, as well as giving anyone really bad news, I don't like sneaking around like this and will not at all enjoy telling these people that we are leaving, but I truly feel that they will not be capable of taking care of my parents properly. Between the two of them, they are quite a challenge.
Wish me luck!

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