Sunday, December 27, 2009

Her Fearful Symmetry

I am now exploiting my winter break, reading a fat new novel by Audrey Niffenegger, Her Fearful Symmetry. I loved her previous book, The Time Traveler's Wife, which was made into a movie that looked awful in its posters. I never saw or heard anything else about it but that, so I assume it was fully as bad as the posters made it look. It would be easy to turn the delicate souffle of that book into mush, too much sentiment, etc. Niffenegger is very romantic, in a lyrical, fairy tale sort of way that I love. So even if there are elements of the overly romantic about her work, I eat it up, and so, I imagine, do lots of other women who love books, fantasy, and things of the imagination.
The new book is wonderful in the same way as the other. It features two sets, two generations of girl twins, one twin of the second set the amazing mirror double of the other, internal organs reversed. I have only a week in all to read this book, which I rented from the library. Every day beyond a week is an extra .25. Right now, about 4 days into the rental, I am about half done the book, but probably will finish it in time. I stay up late into the night reading it.


marly youmans said...

Hey Robinka--
I was thinking that I ought to try that one. Met Audrey at Yaddo--she was working on the new book at that time.

Robbi said...

Try it Marly! I think you'll like it too. And by the way, perhaps you also want to contribute to that anthology for parents of disabled kids. My essay is below a few entries. I found it on that list you told me about (CROPPS or whatever it is called).

Lou said...

What fun!

Robbi said...

Yes. You might enjoy it too.