Thursday, January 21, 2010


I suppose I have been audacious lately, acting on my idea of starting a film series, when the college, I have learned, has actually hired full time film people who haven't started one. And also, today, speaking with two artists about the yoga chapbook project and writing to a third as well about this project.
While I was at it, I decided to write to Chapman's reading venue and ask if they would be interested in me coming there and doing a reading. I attached some of the yoga poems. I got an immediate answer, and although they didn't have space for me (booked through 2012), the University has a reading series in the fall, and the director invited me to submit another letter next summer and to join their group on Facebook in the meantime.
I would dearly love to teach a workshop at Chapman, so perhaps this is a way in. I hope by next fall to have whipped the yoga collection and artwork into some kind of shape and possibly also the entire poetry manuscript. I don't think the autobiographical nonfiction manuscript will be finished by then, but who knows, with the number of essays I have been turning out in the process of answering those calls to submit!


liz said...

How you do go girl..
Lately you seem to be a gosh darn force of nature..good on you.
I'm planning on being there Saturday for The Shining with my (cheap, stale?) Big Lots box of "Good and Plenty" in tow.
Emailed my friend Ron who is an enthusiastic classic film buff and hope he will come as well, but know he's not much on venturing out to places he hasn't been after dark. sigh.
So is it a BIG screen event? and Who will run the "projector"?
Looking forward to a decent turnout for the premier showing!

Robbi said...

It is NOT a big screen event because I couldn't get the college to give me a room with a real projector. Sigh.

Lou said...

A film club and regular showings of films does seem the perfect endeavor for the new film prof, but the first year of being on faculty can be overwhelming, so it is terrific that you are doing this.