Saturday, January 9, 2010


After I finished at my parents' new house last night, I got into the car, exhausted and hungry, to go home. It was totally dark, and there were not any street lights to guide me. In the daytime, I found the place without problem (except for one wrong turn), but at night, I drove around and around in the same loose circle until I followed a hunch and turned on a street that looked somehow right. I couldn't see any street sign, but for some reason, I liked the looks of the street, and it turned out to be right. After solving that one problem, I got home without incident, but it was already 7 PM, and no one knew where I was. My dad called up Richard and asked if I had gotten home yet, and was very worried when I wasn't. Richard was worried too, though I left a message for him when I was going around in circles and told him why I wasn't there yet.
Everything turned out okay, and we're both going there this afternoon with a big load of stuff. On Sunday, only the big things will be there, and I might even be able to go to yoga class and not be there at all, though I think it would be best if I am, to take my parents to the new place.


Lou said...

Almost done!

Robbi said...

Yes. But unfortunately, I learned some more things that worry me. For one thing, the new owner has not paid the caregiver, though she has trained his people and advised him on how to ready the house both for my parents and for licensing's next visit. He has a number of violations he has to fix.
The caregiver has told me he has not offered her any money for this assistance.
And he has refused to put a jack in the room, which means that we will have to pay the phone company a ton of money to put one in. And if he bounces us out of this room eventually, we will have to pay AGAIN for another jack! I am not at all happy about this.