Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Quite Finished With the Old Place

Today the caregiver called me and said that the owner of the place where my parents used to live accused us of stealing. Apparently, when my son and husband picked up my parents' TV, they accidentally took a signal booster the old place let us use. I wasn't there to tell them it didn't belong to us, and probably my parents were not paying attention, or perhaps they were already en route to the new place. But anyway, the owner threw a fit, and someone called the caregiver and told her we'd better give it back. Someone came over and got it. But I still have to go over to that place and sign more papers, according to the current administrator.
The caregiver warned me to read what I was going to sign very very carefully before signing it. I don't know what more they could want from me. I signed receipt of medication and property papers. What more could they want? I have done this before at an assisted living place. There were many papers I had to sign there, but for a board and care with only a few people in it, I have never had to do it before. We didn't have a contract; we lived there month to month.
If they press me to hurry and sign, I may just tell them to send me the papers, and I will read them at my leisure and send them back. I won't sign anything without reading it carefully. And I may refuse to sign something that seems objectionable and show it to the new owner, who is a lawyer, or to licensing.


Lou said...

Your cautionary ideas are good and I hope you follow them. Don't be rushed.

Robbi said...

And now I am afraid that the old owner will find out where we are and attack the caregiver. I don't know how to get our mail forwarded without that happening.