Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Challenge

Yesterday or perhaps the day before an email arrived in my mailbox, announcing a call for submissions. An anthology about childhood reading experiences is asking for essays, stories, or poems about that subject. I am working on an essay, but how about some of you folks? I'll put a link up, and you can send in your own work. If you do though, I'd love to see it too.
It's for an anthology called Flashlight Moments.
This morning I went to the first film in the Jewish film festival, an Israeli comedy called A Matter of Size. It was a character study of five overweight people--4 men and 1 woman--who decide to give up fruitless dieting and become sumo wrestlers. In the process, they find strength and dignity and, predictably, empowerment.
It was a very sweet and funny film. If you can rent it, I recommend it, even though I find it a bit baffling to learn that it won 3 Israeli academy awards, and was nominated for even more. It's a small country, I guess.

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