Friday, January 22, 2010

First ER Visit of 2010

I cancelled the followup appointment for my dad yesterday because of the immanent big storm that was supposed to arrive; it turned out to be (here at least) merely about a half hour of very hard rain and hail late in the evening, though I understand it was worse elsewhere, including in Orange where the appointment would have been. I rescheduled the appt. for today, and it was raining, sometimes hard, as I was driving there to pick them up at the Rehabilitation Center (Daycare) and then on to UCI to the appointment. My dad was very weak, much worse than last week. He was pale and could barely walk. He hurt, and had scratched his skin bloody all up and down his legs and on his feet.
The nurses were very disturbed by the fact he couldn't keep his eyes open and did not talk and joke as usual. He was in obvious discomfort, and most disturbing, his kidneys had shut down, according to blood levels, so we went to the hospital, where we were immediately told he would be admitted, though when I left at 8:30 this evening, he did not have a room in the hospital, but remained in the E.R.--albeit in a room with a door and a tv!
I don't know what this will mean for this weekend's plans--the yoga workshop (in Orange) tomorrow, the movie tomorrow night, the visit with my cousins on Sunday. I don't know when he will get out of the hospital. The doctors still don't know exactly why his kidneys have shut down, though they have concluded that the antibiotic he was taking for his most recent urinary infection didn't kill the bug.
We'll see what they can do about the frequent urinary infections and the problems with his kidneys, if there is anything they can do.


Lou said...

Oh the poor man--he is suffering. I am glad he is in the hospital where they can tend to him. I hope you go on with your plans, assured that the hospital can do its job right now.

Robbi said...

He is suffering, though the horrible tasting medication they gave him brought down his potassium level and relieved some of his suffering. They also are giving him a drip antibiotic, which seems to have helped a bit.
The doctors told me to go on with my plans also, and so I will, unless I get a call today to the contrary.

Rebel Girl said...

oh - wishing you all the best. This stuff is so hard.

Robbi said...

Thanks Reb. I am going to the yoga workshop. It's in Orange, and I'll stop by and see him at the hospital.
I'm going through with the movie series thing and the relatives' visit; they'll just visit the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Darn, I sure hope your fathers feels better real soon. Mean while, take care of Robbi.


Robbi said...

I am Beth. Thanks.