Friday, January 8, 2010

The Move

I took the first load of about 4 suitcases full of clothes, underwear, coats, and pjs to the new place, putting away as much of it as I could. In the process, I learned some more about the new place and the person who owns it as well as the caregivers and the person who will be my parents' neighbor. She had a lot of junk in what will be their closet, and was thoroughly miffed when I had it moved somewhere else so I could put my parents' clothes away. I hope she isn't as contentious with my dad as she was with me this afternoon. My dad will give as good as he gets in that department if she is.
Speaking of dad, he was in a panic, afraid that we would not be able to move all the stuff because he feared that Jeremy and his friend, who is helping us with his truck and his strong back to move the majority of the stuff on Sunday morning, would not come through for us, but I impressed him by packing tons of things into the suitcases and somehow picking them up, even the big one, and putting them in the car.
Meanwhile, my mom thought we were going to leave her there. I assured her that was not the case, and filled a suitcase with her underwear, socks, and pjs.
When I got to the room, I asked the owner to give my dad a desk so he can continue to do his puzzles every day, and to put a ramp on the door to the patio so he can go in and out by himself with his walker. This guy doesn't really know very much about the board and care business, and that's why the house is so empty, I think.
I'll be glad if he can help him learn the ropes and get some more clients.
I hope my parents are happy in the new place. It won't be like what they've been used to in some ways, but the physical situation will be much nicer, I think.


Lou said...

Sounds like everything is moving along, Robbi. I wish you all the best this weekend!

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou.

Rebel Girl said...

You've done so much already and so well - good luck with the rest!

Robbi said...

Thanks Reb. Looking forward to seeing you this week.