Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday--Day 2, Holiday Weekend

My dad was so out of sorts and obviously in pain yesterday that I decided I had to distract him from it somehow, so I told the caregivers I would be there at 7:30 AM today to get them and take them to the Farmer's Market in Irvine. My parents love the market's free samples, its cheerfulness, everything about it, so despite the fact that I wanted to get to my yoga teacher Isabella's first Saturday morning class in Laguna Beach, and wasn't sure I could swing it, I took them to the market.
Dad cheered right up. He complained only once about the pain, and said nothing about the nervous disorder (probably Tourette tics) that had been troubling him, though I saw quite a few tics during our drive to the market.
Dad bought a beautiful new candy-striped succulent (green and red) and a whole striped bass for the caregiver to cook up tomorrow. I bought a pound of tremendously expensive (but delicious) Opakapaka, Hawaiian pink snapper filet. Yum. I cooked it with a crust of crushed macademia nuts--actually very simple and fast, tiny roasted potatoes, and mixed veggies.
Then I drove straight down to Laguna on Crown Valley, getting there half an hour early for class! I was so pleased with myself, I hardly noticed the ominous stirrings of my own pain.
For years, I have had problems with my hip. I think it began when I learned to drive, about 10 years ago. Being a short person, I find that cars are not made for people my size. I can't see over the windshield without two pillows, and in some cars, can't reach the pedals either. In my Toyota, I reach the pedals and see over the windshield (just barely) when I sit on my pillows. However, they are not even, and one leg just sits there while the other stretches mightily. So I have developed a misalignment.
Yoga helps a lot, but at times, it gets really severe. A few years ago, I had two classes in a row and by the end of them, I would be in tears, since walking to and fro or standing there teaching aggravated the hip so that I could barely walk. I never liked standing at a lecturn or sitting in a tall chair in front of the class. I need to move.
Back then, I went to an orthopedist, who diagnosed a tight ilio-tibial band, and prescribed Physical Therapy. Between the Physical therapy and the yoga, I straightened that out soon enough, but the pain in my hip simply morphed into something else. Now it is at the back of the leg, in the attachment of the hamstring, and I have trouble walking when I get out of the car.
I probably have to go back to the doctor, but I am so afraid he'll say I need an operation! Maybe I ought to go acupuncture? But first I think I will take the car to the new repair guys and ask about a custom adult booster seat. Yeah, it feels stupid and embarassing, but I need it.


Anonymous said...

No harm in asking.


Lou said...

The pain finally drives a person to seek help from some source. I am sorry, Robbi, but you surely gave your parents some joy this morning.

Robbi said...

That's true Lou, and it worked out so well I can probably make a routine of it.