Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Secrets

One knows theoretically that anything said in this forum is fair game for peepers and schemers. But I have felt pretty safe saying what I please on this blog because so few people read it, to my knowledge. But yesterday in class, a student who had evidently shown initiative and some pretty good research skills (bodes well for his performance in the class, I guess) surprised me by reeling out a list of facts about me that I didn't even know were available online.
Besides my poems, this blog, my teaching, he also knew what synagogue I belonged to, and said I had a personal web page. Really? I didn't make one. Where is it? He can't be right about that. It gave me a bit of a scare.
I am naturally not one to hide things, believing I don't really have much to hide (aside from financial information, passwords, and that sort of thing). But this felt like a bit of an invasion, though he evidently meant no harm.


Lou said...

Which is exactly why I am strict about the restrictions on my blog, why my privacy settings in Facebook are extremely high, why I have a site meter . . . We are teachers. Our lives are private. That student could have been using the term "personal web page" to refer to this blog, which is easily googled.

Robbi said...

Yeah. I understand that now. I guess I need to think about doing that, though I like that people I don't know but whom might be well meaning and interested in similar things might check in sometime.