Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Loose Ends

I continued to persevere today to finish my syllabus and to get that check of my parents' taken care of, as well as calling hither and yon to arrange change of address stuff. We got the medallion signatures and will now send the check back to be rewritten in my father's name. We were not able to figure out how to get a joint account, though I have some ideas for the future I want to pursue.
Visiting my parents' house today made me feel very sad that he is leaving. The owner's wife is a really nice person, very kind, but yesterday, the caregiver gave my dad the wrong amount of medication. Luckily, he knows what he is supposed to take. But he didn't say anything to her because he didn't want to hurt her feelings. I told him that someone's life could depend on that information, so please tell the caregiver when it happens. But my dad is essentially a very kind and sensitive person. I have always known that. Even when he was a brutal monster, it seemed, down underneath, this person was always there.


Lou said...

Hang in there, Robbi.

Robbi said...

Almost home free. Now I need to have my brakes repaired, and I'll be ready for the new semester.