Saturday, August 21, 2010

Early beginning to my semester

One of my students wrote to me and told me that she must work next week, so could not attend class. I told her that was not okay with me because many people want to add the class, and I cannot hold it for a whole week. However, I made a deal with her. If she met me at the Heritage Park Library today and did the writing sample (plus listened to my spiel about the class), I would excuse her from class next week. She will meet with me probably on Weds. afternoon for a private showing of the 2nd class, and to get her writing sample back.
She is a conscientious girl, and I liked her very much. She was Brenda's Writing 1 student, and I would bet she did well. I'm sure she won't complain about me after being in Brenda's class.


Lou said...

Nice of you.

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou. I initially said no, but felt bad for her. It showed gumption and work ethic to insist that she must be at work despite the start of class.