Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yesterday's Poem, Today's Whale Watch

I revised and pretty much finished the poem from yesterday. When I showed it to Richard, he wanted me to send it to Floyd County's new literary magazine, Floyd County Moonshine, so I did. Haven't heard anything yet, of course. Floyd has a very large presence on the web, beyond its size, I would say.
Today, as the heading above suggests, we are going on a whale watch to scout for blue whales, which are migrating this time of year. I've never seen a blue whale in the flesh, I don't think, only humpbacks. They were big enough! These guys are much bigger. Of course, one never knows whether the whales will oblige and show up, but where would they hide?
I'll let you know how it goes.


Lou said...

What a perfect destination for your lovely poem. I hope you see whales!!

Robbi said...

Thank you! Me too.

Rebel Girl said...

Blue whales are like small buildings swimming.

Robbi said...

They are amazing! We saw one very close up, several times. Or maybe it was several, serially. They/It were as long as the boat, which wasn't small! The whale(s) were very close to the boat too!
We saw about 500 dolphins; they also were close to the boat. The pod included a number of infants and their mothers.
We also saw sea lions, which never fail to crack me up. Then we went to Santa Monica Seafood to eat fish (what else?). That New England clam chowder is as good as the stuff in Provincetown!