Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Determines The Price of A Flight?

Yesterday, I decided to go to Chicago after all--that is, if I could find a reasonable price for a flight. I know from past experience that the price of a flight is a mysterious thing that can change from one minute to another... not just a little, but by huge leaps.
It was slow... no, dead at the Center yesterday during my hours, so I started to poke around online, and found a round trip for $197. on American Airlines. I was so excited that I called Jeremy, who has his 20th birthday coming up on the 14th, and invited him to come with me. But I couldn't buy the tickets online at the Center, on a public computer. When I got home, I found no trace of the fare at all. The cheapest I could find was $279., a fare too high for me to take Jeremy with me. Besides, as R points out, Jeremy and I fight a lot. We do not have the same taste in activities at all. I would want to go to art museums and natural history museums and to visit relatives, maybe getting in a yoga class or two along the way. Jeremy would want to go to baseball games and concerts or who knows what. We would not enjoy ourselves together, most likely. But I didn't want to miss his birthday, and that's why I thought about taking him with me to begin with.
So I can't go on the 11th, or I'd miss his birthday, and on the 15th, the price goes up considerably, beyond my reach. So much for Chicago, at least for now.


Lou said...

That was very thoughtful of you to invite Jeremy, even if it didn't work out.

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou. It's disappointing that I can't go. But I'm going to check again today.