Monday, August 9, 2010

Picking Up

I haven't been able to look for a new place yet, since we're waiting to hear whether the U will give R the 10% of his salary they took back last year. In addition, he's due a raise for taking James' supervisory position at LARC. The U had one year to give him this raise. So if they give him one or the other, we can go ahead with the house buying plans. I asked R what would happen if they gave him neither, and he said that after another year, he would leave the job and collect SS. I hope I do not have to wait another year in this place, with its broken toilets, broken fixtures, and general mess, much, admittedly,that can be blamed on me. Though we have made our way through the worst of that mess, some will not be fixed until we get into a place with a linen closet, something this place does not have, where we can put towels and sheets that are now piled on bureaus. In fact, we will get all new (to us) furniture, especially a new bed and mattress, one with drawers where I can store more things.
But this morning, I sewed on buttons and snaps that had been gone for years, so I can wear some things in my closet that have just been hanging there, waiting for me to do it. It's a good feeling.
I hope that by September the U tells Richard what they have decided. I know they were thinking of getting rid of LARC and starting a Writing Center. I don't know why they need to. LARC seems to work fine, in my estimation. But maybe they just want a change and to bring in totally new people? Perhaps they would hire me for a full time position, I don't know. That would be ironic.


Lou said...

Sewing repairs can make you feel like you really accomplished lots, and today, I hope you have something "new" to wear.

Doesn't your building management handle repairs to fixtures?

I hope the financial situation works out so you can go ahead with your wish to own a home.

Robbi said...

I am an especially inept seamstress, but I didn't sew my pants to my pantsleg, as I did in high school... not today. It is holding so far.
RE: fixtures, no. We have to hire a plumber, and the last one we hired said new toilets were needed. We told the landlord, and she refused. She wants us to leave so she can fix up the place and sell it or charge more rent.
It is a scandal that it is in this shape, but then with my cats, etc., I haven't been the most immaculate tenant either.
I hope I don't have to wait too long to move.